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Breaking News: Hijackers may have Malaysian plane

The possibility that hijackers have the lost Malaysia Airlines 777 is a very real possibility. The disappearance may have been deliberate, admitted Prime Minister Najib Razak in a press conference Saturday. While he did not officially call it a hijacking, he did admit that it seems that “this action is consistent with someone acting deliberately.”

Deliberate perhaps but there has been no ransom call. There have been no visible signs of the over 200 foot plane. Passenger cell phones have been reported to just ring, as families anxiously wait word on their families and friends.

Investigators have said with certainty that communication devices were in fact turned off deliberately.

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion or a theory about the mysterious disappearance of the plane. Pilot suicide was even suggested as a possibility, according to FoxNews, quoting Mike Glynn, committee member of the Australian and International Pilots Association.

The pilot was 53 year old Zaharie Ahmad Shah. His co-pilot was 27 year old Fariq Ab Hamid. Investigators are now looking at the crew as well as the passengers, most of whom were Chinese. Investigators finally, CNN reported this morning, finally entered the pilots home and began searching for information there.

The search area continues to expand as searches continue to lack results. This search has become a world wide concern, with 14 countries involved in the searches.

The Boeing 777, MAS Flight MH370, went missing a week ago today. It simply vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last Saturday. No word has been received from the 239 people on board (227 passengers and 12 crew). There is still no trace of the aircraft.

There were, according to the passenger list, three Americans. One was 51 year old Philip Wood. The other two were children: four year old Nicole Meng and two year old Yan Zhang. There were several Chinese citizens with the surnames Meng and Zhang on flight as well.

Early on it was discovered that two of the passports had been stolen and that it was two Iranians who were traveling on them. The stolen passports were Austrian and Italian, according to NPR. The two Iranian men have been identified as 18 year old Pouri Nourmohammadi and 29 year old Delavar Seyedmohammadreza, according to Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble and reported by the

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