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Breaking News! Communications cut at embassy in Baghdad

Breaking News! Communications cut at U.S. embassy in Baghdad
Breaking News! Communications cut at U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Top officials are still communicating with Washington, D.C., but other contractors and workers protecting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad have had their communications halted. At this moment, only text messages from cell phones are going through.

One White House spokesperson yesterday said there are over 5,000 Americans in and around Baghdad. Those include embassy workers, Marines-whose job it is to guard all U.S. Embassies around the globe-NGOs (nongovernmental aid organizations) and private contractors who provide security in the area.

This week ISIS terrorists operating in Iraq have toppled Fallujah, Ramadi, Tikrit, and Mosul, robbing the Bank of Mosul for more than $450 million dollars. ISIS leaders now claim they are the richest terror group in the world, topping al Qaeda and Hamas.

ISIS has commandeered old U.S. military equipment left by Americans to stand up Iraqi security forces. They are well-armed and ruthless, committing atrocities like beheadings and crucifixions in public.

The murderous thugs, backed by Sunni leaders, are already imposing strict Sharia law in the areas they have conquered. They have vowed to take revenge on the Shiite minority and ruling party in Iraq.

Residents in Baghdad are barricading their homes and businesses in advance of what is sure to be a bloody day.

Intel coming in from one of the contractors in charge of securing the embassy is sparse.

Examiner's Note: This Examiner has personal contacts within the walls of the embassy. Those contacts will remain anonymous for their own safety. More information as I am able to get through.

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