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Breaking news: Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz now in the custody of NBI

Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz
Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz
YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online

While everyone was busy waiting for the latest news and updates in the Vhong Navarro-Cedric Lee case this afternoon, April 26, 2014 (Philippine time) or April 25, 2014 (U.S. time) Tony Calvento, avid supporter of actor-TV host, announced the capture of Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz on his official Facebook page. Based on the journalist's posted updates, the two are now in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation.

Tony did not give any detailed information regarding the capture of Cedric and Zimmer Raz, but based on the latest and updated report of NewsTV11, the two were arrested in Oras, Eastern Samar. Cedric and Zimmer are facing the non-bailable serious illegal detention case filed by actor-TV host Vhong Navarro.

This means, they will remain in jail while the court is still hearing the case. After hearing the report, some netizens took to their social media accounts and expressed their happiness for the arrest of the prime suspects in the mauling incident that happened in a condominium unit last Jan. 22.

All of them are congratulating the National Bureau of Investigation for its dedication to serve the arrest warrants which was issued by Judge Paz Esperanza Cortez of the Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271. Incidentally, while some netizens are congratulating the bureau, they also had the chance to hear DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima's explanation on the arrest of Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz.

Based on an interview of Ian Cruz with the DOJ secretary, Lee and Raz were arrested in Oras, Eastern Samar at around 11:15 a.m. (Philippine time). When asked about the whereabouts of Deniece Cornejo and the others involved in the Vhong Navarro mauling incident, the secretary refused to give any detailed information but she insisted that the NBI and PNP are still working hard to serve the arrest warrants to the accused. She also confirmed that Cedric and Zimmer will be transferred to Manila this evening (Philippine time).