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Breaking news can make for a difficult day

Keep calm and busy
Keep calm and busy
Keep home safe

This column is not by and round to be a breaking news column, however today it is being pushed into play as one. Our caregivers and those cared for are being placed in a situation of tragedy. Seattle was the scene of a news helicopter crash in downtown Seattle. This may seem to of little impact on the caregiving model; however it is far from it.
Our patients or clients may not be able to determine the actuality of what is happening on the news. They may feel this is an entirely different type of event. This activity will have an effect on our day and possibly for hours or days to come. The length of time our client is impacted by emotional actions will depend on how much they are subjected to this event.
We have discussed before the emotional impact this can have on our impaired abilities. This impairment can range from emotional acting out or physical decompensating. Should the caregiver be able to limit the amount of coverage being streamed live to the public. Not to censor news but to delay or not have the continual repeat of coverage as the news networks continue to build their stories.