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Breaking down the Hunters and Monsters in 'Evolve'

Differences in traditional coop experiences
Differences in traditional coop experiences
Photo courtesy of PC Gamer

Turtle Rock Studios proved to accomplish a lot at E3 with its upcoming cooperative game Evolve. Garnering a large amount of “Best of E3” awards this year, the company behind the Left 4 Dead series knows a thing or two about generating an amazing cooperative experience. Phil Robb, Co-Founder of Turtle Rock Studios and the Creative Director behind Evolve, shed some light on what makes the game differ from other cooperative games in terms of the classes and the way battles play out.

The four classes seem familiar for the most part. An Assault class, a Medic, a Support, and then the Trapper round out the classes. The difference is that each class will have multiple characters for it that will slightly differ in what they do, rather than just different skins. Robb mentions that each character has a set loadout.

“Each one (class) has multiple characters and each one, while fulfilling that role, like Hyde and Markov do things differently. They are still assault guys and they dish out the hurt, but Hyde does it a little different than Markov does.”

Each character will have a different set of perks, but ultimately each one will load out of a set. The loadout is a big part of each character, their role and their playstyle when working as a team. Evolve will be a game where each player must work as a team. There will be one of each class per match, so with only four Hunters, there will not be multiple medics or support.

Robb states that none of the monster battles are like a typical boss fight from other games. He mentioned that they took the idea of Tank encounters from Left 4 Dead and expanded on it. There is one monster versus four Hunters per match. Rather than aiming for certain spots on the monster, the monster goes through three stages gaining armor. Whoever is playing the monster must go around and eat living things on the large maps, as building strength and armor is important because health does not replinish, but armor will as whoever plays the monster continues to eat things.

The monster will have a ton of hit points at its disposal as the armor almost plays like a force field. The Hunters, however, can exploit weaknesses. Using a sniper rifle with a perk that opens up areas of the armor can help allow extra damage from someone with a flamethrower as they “paint” the enemy with fire. Couple that with a Trapper keeping the monster in one area and your team might have a chance at putting a damper on the monster’s chances. Stay tuned for more information about Evolve.

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