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Breaking down the future of Dodge



Now that Chrysler and Fiat have presented their five-year plan for the future, we're going to take a peek at what's in store for each brand over the next few years. First up: Dodge.

Dodge will no longer sell trucks going forward--the Ram lineup will become its own brand. That means that Dodge will become a car-only brand, and early indications are that it will be performance-oriented. Here is a year by year look at what's in store for the brand, with a big tip of the hat to the Kicking Tires blog at

2009: For the immediate future, changes are small. The Caliber compact car receives a new interior, new whees, and a different set of content and trim packages.

2010: The new seven-passenger crossover SUV will arrive, and redesigned versions of the Charger and Grand Caravan will go on sale, with the Grand Caravan getting a new engine. The Journey crossover and Avenger mid-size sedan will be refreshed (both receive new engines), and Viper production will cease in July.

2011: This will be a semi-quiet model year for Dodge, with the Challenger and Nitro both being refreshed, according to

2012: reports that Dodge will unveil a new subcompact hatchback and a new compact sedan, both based on Fiat platforms.

2013: Not only will the Viper be replaced with a sports car that will have Fiat underpinnings, but Dodge will also replace the Avenger with a mid-size sedan based on a Fiat platform, according to Kicking Tires.

Next up: Jeep.

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