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"Breaking Dawn" violent honeymoon sex scene disturbing for Robert Pattinson

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Breaking Dawn’s” honeymoon sex scene was so disturbing in real life to film, it actually had Robert Pattinson worried and then ultimately upset, according to Digital Spy.

The honeymoon sex scene from “Breaking Dawn” is bitter sweet for Edward and Bella. The first time the couple has sex is very rough on Bella because of Edwards super human strength.

In the “Breaking Dawn” honeymoon sex scene, Edward also bites down on a pillow filled with feathers to keep from biting Bella. As a vampire this urge is almost uncontrollable for Edward.

In real life Robert Pattinson was so concerned about acting out the violent scene, that he asked if doubles could possibly be used in place of him and Kristen Stewart. Kirsten Stewart is so tiny and thin, that Robert Pattinson was worried he might hurt Kristen while doing what was scripted in the “Breaking Dawn” honeymoon sex scene.

According to Digital Spy, Kristen Stewart assured Robert Pattinson that acting out the scene would be fine. Robert continued on and did the scene “like a real professional.”

Robert Pattison later saw bruises on Kristen Stewart and became upset thinking he caused these while acting the scene. He was much relieved to find the bruises were just the product of make-up.

Connecticut "Twilight" fans join in with the other fans from around the world waiting anxiously to see what the movie "Breaking Dawn" will look like. So far it sounds as if they are keeping true to the book with the honeymoon scene, feathers and all.

It appears that Robert Pattinson has some of the caring qualities in his real life that he conveys as Edward Cullen. It sounds that Kristen Stewart is as persuasive in real life as she is as Bella in “Breaking Dawn,” by convincing Edward that doing the scene if fine!

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