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Breaking cold weather records all over United States

See: FOX 13’s Paul Dellegatto Chief Meteorologist at Facebook for all the weather news. On Sunday January 5th he stated, “Areas in red will be below 32 degrees Tuesday morning. The country will basically be an ice cube. Coldest winter outbreak since 1996.” Check his weather map photo on left.

Areas in red will be below 32 degrees
FOX 13’s Paul Dellegatto Chief Meteorologist Facebook page

There are many health dangers with the weather turning colder. Many poor sick, elderly and disabled people who live alone or are homeless will have a hard time staying warm.

The utility companies are already fighting against the cold weather trying to keep electricity to homes and businesses.

Now is the time for helping your fellow man, woman and child by giving of yourself, your time, or your money, if you see someone living on the streets be kind and if you can’t afford to buy them warm clothes, give them your last years cap and mittens, coat or even a blanket. Buy an extra coffee and a muffin in the morning and donate it to someone in need.

Many people don’t think or realize how hard it is for someone who has lost their home and are living on the streets because of no fault of their own. Just surviving is their number one priority.

If you don’t want to get involved personally you can donate food or clothing to your church or neighboring churches, homeless shelters, and food banks.

To find churches, homeless shelters, food banks and businesses in your local area.

Don’t stand by idly and hear in the morning news where some poor soul lost their fingers or toes to frostbite or their life to hypothermia. Both could be prevented just by someone giving a helping hand.

See Frostbite and Hypothermia Chart

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