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Breaking Boundaries to Cure Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer- Time to be heard
Childhood Cancer- Time to be heard
Mabel Davis

One little girl from a small town, West Reading, in Berks County not only touched the lives of everyone in her community, but united the world together as a society.

As a world community we grew to love an adorable 8-year-old girl that most of us didn’t even personally know. Through the power of social media (Facebook and Twitter) we followed the family’s story on the Team Laney Facebook page. Together as a community we cried with the family, sent prayers and words of encouragement and joined together as a community to help a little girl fight her battle with childhood cancer.

Now as people get back into their daily routine, profile pictures of Team Laney have begun to fade, as well as the mass postings and shares from Team Laney page are becoming less and less.

We can’t let the legacy of Laney and what she taught us in a few short months fade. A small group of local people have come together to do just that. They are continuing the fight that Laney started by raising awareness to Childhood Cancer. You might ask just how they are doing this.

Breaking Boundaries to Cure Childhood Cancer was born. Breaking Boundaries to Cure Childhood Cancer, a Facebook Page was born. As stated on their page:

"On 12-21-13 over 10,000 people gathered in the streets of West Reading to honor the wish of a special little girl battling cancer by singing Christmas Carols. 30 posters were signed that night by people who want to see a cure for pediatric cancer. Our story begins as we take up that fight in her honor and in honor of all children who have faced a cancer diagnosis. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE and we will break all boundaries to make it happen!"

  • Two-thirds of children treated for childhood cancer will suffer long-term effects from treatment including loss of hearing and sight, heart disease, secondary cancers, learning disabilities, infertility and more.
  • One in Four schools has a child with cancer.
  • 46 children are diagnosed daily with cancer.

The facts are astounding. Want to help continue the fight for all children with pediatric cancer? Stop by the Breaking Boundaries Page and “Like” it. As you follow the page each day you will be inspired and see the sad truth of how little is done for Our Children, Our Future.

Join in the FIGHT for our children by raising awareness, Are you destined to do more? Reach out to the group behind Breaking Boundaries and inquire how to join in the fight.

No one fights along, especially our children

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