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'Breaking Bad's' Bryan Cranston gets dramatic in 'Godzilla'

According to on Saturday, Bryan Cranston stars in a recent clip for the new Gareth Edwards directed "Godzilla" movie. Apparently, there is a concern for the loss of his wife, as seen in a previous full length movie trailer, that has him thinking there is something more to the situation.

 Actor Bryan Cranston speaks onstage at the Crackle NewFronts at Cedar Lake Studios on April 30, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Bryan Bedder

For those who may be wondering what happened up to this point in the movie, the full trailer reveals nuclear plant worker Joe Brody, played by Cranston, observing his wife Sandra Brody, played by Juliette Binoche, as she dons a biohazard suit and investigates a breach with a team of cohorts. Joe sees some mysterious figures and by then something horrible goes down. Cranston runs to the entry point where his wife should have been, but it's too late, toxic gases are engulfing the hall way and he has no choice but to contain that area of the building. As a result, his wife suffers her fate.

Cranston, well known for his role as Walter White in the epic TV series "Breaking Bad" gives a pretty good dramatic presentation that seems to render the Heisenberg-like characteristics we all know and love. Director Edwards got his start on the low budget film "Monsters" and it has been 16 years since Roland Emmerich 1998 flop of a film that starred Matthew Broderick.

There's also an ongoing joke going around the internet about how Godzilla has rounded out since the black-and-white TV days with references made to the beast having spent too much time in America eating the local food. Considering back in 1954 during the times of the original "Godzilla" films the creature appeared much more leaner and may even be speculated that so much fun may be made at Godzilla's expense fans could influence his design in future movies.

"Godzilla" opens in theaters come May 16.

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