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'Breaking Amish': Three new faces join the cast

The cast of "Breaking Amish" return for another season.
The cast of "Breaking Amish" return for another season.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

There are three new faces that have joined the cast of “Breaking Amish.” Each of those new faces are under the age of five. According to the Thursday, May 29, report by Starcasm, the daughters of Abe and Rebecca Schmucker and Sabrina High have joined the latest season of “Breaking Amish” which will premier this Sunday. This season is titled “Breaking Amish: Return to Amish.”

During the reunion show of the last season of “Breaking Amish,” Rebecca and Abe Schmucker announced they were expecting a baby. Rebecca gave birth Malika Schmucker. Abe and Rebecca have another daughter, three year old Kayla.

Kayla has never been seen on “Breaking Amish.” Rebecca and Abe kept the little girl off the show until this season. The specific details as to why the Schmuckers did not want the little girl to be a part of “Breaking Amish”are unknown. They claimed it was due to safety issues, but those safety issues were never explained.

The third new face on “Breaking Amish: Return to Amish” is Oakley. She is Sabrina High's daughter. She was born on March 22, only a few months after Malika was born. Her father is Sabrina High's boyfriend, Harry Kreiser III. Oakley's full name is Oakley Lelia Kreiser. It is unknown if Harry Kresier will be a regular member of the “Breaking Amish” cast. According to spoilers, it is unknown if he was present as his daughter's birth. It is believed that Oakley's birth will be seen on “Breaking Amish.”

“I can't wait to see the new season,” Marcie Taylor, a “Breaking Amish” fan from Oklahoma City, said. “I really want to see what kind of parents Abe and Rebecca are and how Sabrina handles being a single mom.”

“Breaking Amish: Return to Amish” will debut this Sunday, June 1 on TLC. All of the previous cast members will be returning. Abe and Rebecca Schmucker and their two daughters will be back along with Sabrina High and her new baby. The show will also feature Kate Stolzfus, following her blossoming career as a professional model. Jeremiah Raber will also return and will be seen attempting to sell his t-shirts and “Amish sweets.” Of course, the new "Breaking Amish" babies will also be there.

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