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'Breaking Amish: Return to Amish' spoilers: Kate's modeling career takes off

Tomorrow night fans are excited to finally see "Breaking Amish: Return to Amish." On Friday, Zap 2 It shared a big preview for the upcoming season and Kate Stoltz modeling career is taking off. She has left the Amish world and is doing a great job as a model. Forget the Amish clothes because she is now wearing lingerie.

Kate Stoltz
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kate did not return to Pennsylvania like everyone else. She is living in New York City and working as a model. That is her top priority right now but she will still be on this new season of the show. She decided to take "fus" off her name because it is actually a name that is more marketable for her. She wants to do whatever is best for her career. If you missed it, she even ended up in Maxim magazine.

In the preview, she is wearing lingerie for a photo shoot. She has to be reminded that her name is not Soltzfus anymore and that the "fus" is gone from her name. She is the daughter of the Bishop and always dreamed of being a model. It looks like her dream has come true. She is even in a swimsuit and heels in some of the photo shoots. She knows a bikini isn't modest but she doesn't even really care about it. Her parents are not happy about how things are in her life now.

ET Online also shared a clip of Sabrina on the upcoming season of the show. She is scared about giving birth but every person who has ever had a baby has felt that way. Growing up her mom did not talk to her about where babies came from and she has had to learn a lot as she dealt with her pregnancy.

Don't miss "Return to Amish." It will air on Sunday nights on TLC each week. The old cast is back together again and it is a season that you do not want to miss.

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