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'Breaking Amish' news: Who is the father of Sabrina's baby?

Amish farmer
Amish farmer
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Tonight on TLC fans got to see a new episode of "Return to Amish: Breaking Amish." On Sunday night, viewers watched as they talked about being pregnant and babies on the way. Sabrina was talking about being pregnant and that Harry feels like he needs to sleep with one eye open. This had fans wanting to know who the father of her child is and a bit more about him. She just briefly mentioned his name but didn't talk about him anymore on the show.

Sabrina was having a few crazy cravings last night. She doesn't agree with the fact that people say that women who are pregnant glow. This pregnant momma isn't feeling very glowing at the moment but she still makes a gorgeous pregnant woman. It is hard to feel gorgeous when your body is going through a lot of changes.

A post on Twitter shared a bit about who the father of her baby is in the form of a clip from In Touch and his name is Harry Kreiser III. This is her boyfriend and now the father of her baby Oakley. He has been around the entire pregnancy including going to her baby shower. There are pictures of the two at the shower and they look really happy together.

Some fans were curious why Harry was not at her doctor appointments with her. It is easy to assume that this could be because he was not always with her during the filming of the show. Sabrina is on "Return to Amish" but Harry is not part of the show and has to continue living his life.

Her new baby girl shares a last name with her dad. Sabrina gave birth to Oakley Lelia Kreiser on March 21. The cameras were still rolling for "Return to Amish" so you can assume that there is a chance some of it will air on television. She has started to share pictures of her little girl with the world and she is adorable.

Don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish: Breaking Amish" on Sunday nights on TLC. You will get to see the rest of Sabrina and Rebecca's pregnancies. By the end of the season, they should be showing their new baby girls to the world.

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