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'Breaking Amish' news: Did Jeremiah Raber go back Amish?

amish farmer
amish farmer
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Last night fans got a new episode of "Breaking Amish" and Jeremiah Raber shocked everyone talking about going back Amish. On Sunday night, he went to Mary and told her that he was considering returning to his old way of life which was Amish. This had fans wondering if this was really going to happen or not.

He explained that he was going to give it his best try no matter what. He didn't know what to do with his life and Jeremiah just wanted his life to be in a good spot again. Amish is the way he grew up so he thought that it might help to go back into that lifestyle.

Now fans want to know if Jeremiah Raber is Amish again or not. Next week on the season finale of the show you will get to see him at Chapel and Andrew's wedding. It will be a great episode but it might not give fans the answers they want about him.

Some Amish do use electronics and the Internet. That being said Jeremiah is on his social networks often. Mary asked him if he could give up his cell phone to go Amish and it is pretty obvious he has not done this at all. His Facebook page shows that he has been going around to various fairs and selling his products. He is also posting on Facebook about it all.

Back on June 30, he got to meet a fan and she shared his page on Facebook. This picture shows Jeremiah Raber and he looks great but he is not wearing Amish clothes. He has on his English clothes and looks happy to be that way. It makes it pretty easy to assume that Jeremiah did not go back Amish. Fans can't wait to see how it all plays out next week on the finale of "Return to Amish."