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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner create 3 squares a day

Getting your kids to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a concept that we should eat three square meals everyday to maintain a good diet is not often easy. Breakfast is probably the most difficult meal to convince kids to eat in the morning. Mornings are usually hectic and there is no time for a real breakfast. Summer is a great time to get kids to learn what makes a healthy breakfast and to get them into the kitchen to prepare a healthy breakfast.

Get your kids into the kitchen
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The Publix Aprons Cooking for Kids Class is offering a 3-day summer camp experience on July 14, 15, and 16 to introduce the concept of "3 squares a day" to kids ages 8-12. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus will be prepared by children along with the Aprons staff. Staff chefs are professional chefs from all areas and enjoy presenting cooking classes for children. The summer camp cooking classes will being at 11:00 a.m. Class time will be a period of approximately 2-21/2 hours each day. Kitchen tools are kid-friendly and safety in the kitchen is emphasized.

*Day 1 Breakfast Menu and dishes to be prepared

Blueberry pancakes, Southwest egg scramblers, and French toast casserole

*Day 2 Lunch Menu and dishes to be prepared

Ham and cheese paninis, homemade tater tots, chicken salad wraps, and crunchy peanut butter bars

*Day 3 Dinner Menu and dishes to be prepared

Mac and cheese bake with broccoli, pizza, healthy chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce, and peach cobbler.

The 3-day "3 squares" summer camp will be offered at Publix Supermarket at its 2875 University Parkway University Walkway location. You may call 941-358-7781 for registration information.

Put "3 squares" into your summer meal routine and your children will get into the kitchen more often to create good meals for the family. You might have a future chef in the family!

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