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Breakfast and the role it plays in losing weight and being healthier

Helen Agresti is a registered dietitian and founder of Professional Nutritional Consulting, LLC, and she recently wrote a column on June 14 for the Huff Post Healthy Living in response to one person wondering why they were unable to lose weight even though they exercised every day.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, quiche, biscuits, cheese danish pastries and pecan rolls are all breakfast options at The Cafe' in downtown Atlanta's Westin Hotel.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, quiche, biscuits, cheese danish pastries and pecan rolls are all breakfast options at The Cafe' in downtown Atlanta's Westin Hotel.
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It's a question many might ask, thinking they are doing all they can to fight fat and flab by cutting calories and working out on a daily basis--but with poor results. The dietitian pointed out the obvious, that many people only think they are cutting calories, when in actuality they might be taking more in than they realize, especially if they are rewarding themselves with some type of treat after a heavy workout or a skipped meal.

Eating breakfast has long been considered one of the best ways to help with the weight loss battle, since it fuels the body for the day ahead and gives ample time to work off any calories taken into it. But that's only true if you eat the right things for breakfast, like the right amount and types of fruit, cereals, breads and protein sources. And what you drink for breakfast is important too.

The Food Network reported in January of this year that 31 million Americans skip their morning breakfast meal and that leads to blood pressure drops, which, in turn, leaves your irritable and moody. In addition, skipping the morning meal will leave you hungry, which will result in you wanting to overeat at your next meal. And overeating can lead to making poorer food choices.

The food site recommends eating your breakfast--the right kind, of course--every morning before you start your day, even if you are in a rush. And some of those fast and simple options that will be good for your weight loss efforts include a breakfast burrito, a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of cereal with milk or a fruit smoothie. If time is really a problem in your morning routine, then fruit and yogurt or healthy wholegrain toast is a fast solution.

Unfortunately, travelers don't have the ability to cook up their own healthy breakfast in a hotel room, but they can choose to stay in a hotel that cares enough to do it for them, like the Westin Peachtree Plaza Cafe' in downtown Atlanta. And even those who commute to the city for their jobs can choose to take advantage of breakfast buffets offered at such hotels, for a price.

The Cafe' in downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street offers all the food items the Food Network recommends for those wanting to eat a healthy breakfast, and they offer an even larger variety than the basics the food experts recommend. And since the Westin has more than 200 such hotels and dining options spread out worldwide, then travelers really don't have a good excuse for not starting their day with a great breakfast, if they can afford it.

This particular hotel cafe offers health conscious travelers even more: a pristine clean and luxurious setting in which to dine, with servers attentively seeing to every refill of orange juice, hot chocolate, tea or coffee before your glass is even empty. And they do it all with a smile and a great attitude. And who doesn't need that with their breakfast before they start their work day?

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