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Breakfast and Sculpture Garden in Frisco, TX

Okay so you had a great night's sleep at the Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco and now you're ready to check out a great breakfast place.

Breakfast and Sculpture Garden in Frisco, TX
Sheila OConnor
Breakfast and Sculpture Garden in Frisco, TX
Sheila OConnor

Well, look no further than the II Brother's Grill and Bar on Main Street. The II Brothers' story is just about as unique as the family itself. That's because Josh and Steven come from a long line of restauranteurs. Their parents, Tina and Gary have been in the restaurant business for decades. The family has been working together ever since the brothers were old enough to work. They also have a fast-food establishment in Southern Oklahoma called Watson Burger.

The concept behind II Brothers' Grill & Bar is to provide an atmosphere that welcomes
people of all ages to come and enjoy spending time with family and friends. So the thing to do is bring your loved ones and friends along to experience the legacy of food that has kept them around for 50 years. You will be glad you did!

And what to do after breakfast? Well, that's easy.

Check out the Texas Sculpture Garden. Bet you never even knew they had one eh? Fact is, they do and it's a must-see on any trip to Frisco.

Take the walking tour of the Sculpture Garden located in the Hall Office Park. The Texas Sculpture Garden is actually home to 41 prominent Texas artists. It's also the world's largest private collection of contemporary Texas sculpture ever assembled and on display.

Even better, the whole thing is free. The sculpture garden is a joy to experience with its winding trails, lush landscaping, lakes and fountains, all of which make it an ideal place to spend an afternoon exploring. If you are there at the right time, try to get a tour with the excellent tour guide, Kristina Hahsler (she is the daughter of the founder of Hall Office Park.)

Take the walking tour with Kristina of the Sculpture Garden located in the Hall Office Park. She's a breath of fresh air, as is the outdoor Sculpture Park itself!

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