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Break-up movies for the broken hearted

Valentine's Day is for lovers. But, what about those that have been dumped or are no longer seeing someone? Well, one way to get over heartbreak is by watching someone else have their love life ruined. So, cheer up with any one of these break-up movies that would make a perfect match for the broken hearted.

All available on DVD
All available on DVD
A broken heart

"Brokeback Mountain" ~ An award winning film that reads like a Lifetime movie, except for the extraordinary portrayals by the two male leads (Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger) and the direction from an openly gay Chinese Director, Ang Lee, who was so able to convey how homosexuality was viewed in the rugged and reserved 1950's backwoods of America.

"Chasing Amy" ~ Writer/Director Kevin Smith's most complete picture stars Ben Affleck as a budding Comic Book artist, who finds a girl (Joey Lauren Adams), loses the girl, then realizes she wasn't the girl for him after all. Frank, honest and brutally funny plus great support from Jason Lee, Jason Mewes and Smith himself.

"Ghost World" ~ Thora Birch epitomizes the character of Enid, a girl too smart for her own good. Based on a Comic Book series from Daniel Clowes (who also wrote the screenplay) about a young woman so nonchalant towards life she seems to break everyone's heart, including her own. Steve Buscemi and Scarlett Johannson co-star with authentic direction from acclaimed documentarian, Terry Zwigoff ("Crumb").

"In the Company of Men" ~ Writer/Director Neil LaBute, the maker of such cruel films as "Your Friends and Neighbors" and "The Shape of Things," delivers his first, best and most misogynistic movie about a couple of guys out to teach the nicest woman they can find a real lesson in love. Look for Aaron Eckhart in a breakout role as a charming sadist.