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Break the ties that bind your heart

As I sit nursing my fourth cup of coffee I cannot help but find myself jealous of all the happiness around me that I am not a part of. So many smiles and laughter give life to this 24/7 diner and yet here I sit alone. My company this night is a pen and my trusty notebook where I scrawl the fruits of an active mind. i realize this feeling of loneliness is not bound to last forever but right now it makes my heart feel like a lead weight.

I am allowing sadness into my heart when I could chose to reflect on all that I have to be happy for. I do not let the fleeting grip of sadness own me, however, for my choice to be sad now is not my only option. When happiness is needed most of all we, as emotionally rich creatures capable of so much love, must seek to find that which brightens up the darkness of woe. We chose whether to be happy or sad from the moment we open our eyes in waking every morning. Life itself seems more survivable when we wake with a smile.

We cannot live as slaves to our emotions for passion often blinds. Riots are born of rage against injustice but what positive change can be wrought from the confines of a jail cell? We must band together, raise awareness and let our unified power in numbers ring true in peace to breed positive change.

When we find ourselves backed up against a wall facing the firing squad we must recognize we have the opportunity to walk away when they are busy loading their ammunition. Sometimes we feel so ensnared in the trappings of emotional bondage that we forget to cherish what matters most. There are many negative influences that impact our abilities to believe we can achieve great things through effort but we must learn to sever ties with these influences. This is much like lancing a boil. Even though it will hurt for a while, the comfort in healing is worth the pain.

When we continue to do what causes us to fail over and over again we are caught in the paradigm of chasing an elusive white rabbit. Instead we must seek to break the patterns that causes to suffer through new ideas that push us to new action. We can chose to stick our heads in the sand so as not to see our own faults or we can rise up and change the course of the journey. This is our choice alone.

When we begin to understand the power of choice we may feel quite overwhelmed. It can be scary to find ourselves responsible for our own destinies when for so long we relied on the actions of others to turn the tide. When we renounce our own personal might we lose the endless potential for success. Do not lose heart for where there is life there is light to guide us through the darkness of our fears.

We may rush about hoping to scribe every page of the book of our lives but haste creates the need for backtracking to edit out the flaws. Life does not come with spiritual white out. We must learn to find the beauty in imperfection and learn from the very frailty of our mortality. Be patient for all that is meant to be will indeed find a way.

We cannot force change. instead of waiting for others to band together in harmony towards the common good of all to act we must strike out with confidence that even small actions can add up and influence others to great things. Every step in the right direction and away from the negativity of hate and chaos leads us towards better days ahead. Liberation from the oppression of a world of fear and intolerance can be yours if you never lose sight of what is right and just.

Nothing lasts forever in this throw-away world but when we learn to recycle old ideas into new action we may just find a way to bring into being a new sense of beautiful life.