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Break the salad blahs with these summer fruits

Adding berries to your salad can punch up the flavor and nutritional value.
Adding berries to your salad can punch up the flavor and nutritional value.
Photo by kkmarais, on Flickr.

Your parents were right -- salad is good for you. Over your lifetime, the usual dinner salad can start to tax your taste buds. To jazz up your everyday salad, try adding these in-season summer fruits that will add a tangy taste as well as healthful nutrients to your daily leafy greens.


Blueberries are sweet and delicious, but they also contain healthy antioxidants, flavonols and cholesterol-reducing compounds. They can help bolster your eyesight and prevent urinary tract infections. Blueberries pack a fruity zing when sprinkled in a salad with healthy walnuts and rich feta cheese.


Red, ripe strawberries contain amino acids, B vitamins and iron, among many other vitamins and minerals. Like blueberries, they also contain flavonols. This fruit is popular in salads with spinach and pecans.

Black Raspberries

Known for their extraordinary capacity to absorb free radicals, black raspberries also contain fiber, healthy levels of vitamin C, an assortment of minerals and anti-carcinogenic compounds that make it one of the healthiest types of berries around. Black raspberries are a delight in mixed-greens salads with beets and vinaigrette dressings.

Where to Buy

When in Las Vegas, the best places to get healthy berries for your salads are the local farmer's markets and supermarkets that carry high-quality produce, like Whole Foods, Albertsons and Sunflower Markets. When fresh berries are not available, you can also use dried fruits in your salads.


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