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Break the running monotony: Join a running group

A group run at Camp Taji, Iraq
A group run at Camp Taji, Iraq
Phoenicia A Lewis


  • Valentina 6 years ago

    I never realized that a running group could be that beneficia or that you burn more fat by running slowly. Could you elaborate on why pacing is important in the future?

  • phoenicia 6 years ago

    Absolutely Valentina!
    As I explained the body quickly adapts to habit, if you run 6 miles for one hour 5 days a week your initially you will lose weight quickly you will cause your body to burn calories, however your body will soon become used to this and you will no longer have the same benefits. In order to continue to benefit from running you must shock your body by introducing something new. When you run with someone else who runs a different pace in trying to keep up with them you will have to adjust in order to run their pace be it faster or slower freeing your body from of former habits.
    It is not actually running slow that cause more fat to be burned, the percentage of fat burned is higher, but not total calories. Long slow runs help the body burn fat because as it gets lower on glucose it will turn to fat as fuel.
    The take away is that both high and low intensity are important to weight loss, changing up distance, intensity, and exercise are crucial for weight loss.

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