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Bread Zeppelin helps you keep your resolutions

Southest Salad
Southest Salad
Bread Zeppelin

With the new year comes a lot of resolutions, especially ones that have to do with getting fit and weight loss. Bread Zeppelin is a great option if you are trying to eat right. Although you may think that a restaurant with bread in the name can't be good for calories, don't let the name deceive you. There are many ways that this restaurant can help you stick to your resolutions. Diners can literally carve out carbs by ordering a "zeppelin" where the bread of the sandwich is hollowed out. There are also many choices of "lighter than air" dressings to choose from to add to your salad or sandwich. The menu offerings are fresh so you know that you're putting good things into your body. Choose from one of their menu choices or make your own with a long list of fresh ingredients!