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Brazz Dance Theater Presents Ori

Brazz Dance Theater
Brazz Dance Theater
Brazz Dance Thater


  • Alex 6 years ago

    This sounds like a great event, thanks for sharing the info. I will go with my wife.

  • Ana 6 years ago

    I am bringing my students to this performance. There is a wealth of dance in our community and beautiful dancers; you are helping the local artists by sharing this information.

  • hailey c 6 years ago

    this souds like a great show. brazz sounds like a unique style of dand

  • Stephanie A. 6 years ago

    It sounded like such a great event. I love how he is trying to bring African and Brazilian cultural awareness through something we can all enjoy such as dance.

  • Anahi 6 years ago

    This looks like sucha wonderful event! This is a great way of bringing African and Brazilian dance together! Bravo to him!

  • Jayssa 6 years ago

    Wow, this sounds really great. Thank you for the information.

  • Hannah. T 6 years ago

    hey this sounds amazing this will be a very exciting event. this event sounds interesting because of all the dancing and everything thanks for this information

  • Cora C 6 years ago

    Wow! This sounded like a fun event, I'm sad I missed out on it.

  • Angely V. 6 years ago

    Afro- brazilian culture this sounds something very different to watch, to bad I missed out. Next time I will try to make it. I'm looking forward to learning something similar in dance class with Ms.Bolt.

  • Allegra P 6 years ago

    I think its great that you are exposing the company like this. It will really help them. The director seems amazing. I'd love to go see them dance

  • Daniela G. 4 6 years ago

    The way you are informing your audience is really good. I think that it was good how at the end of the article you gave some information to dancers who would like to audition or be a part of this production. At times, when I would read an article that talks about an event it sometimes has no information what so ever about when it would occur, so it is really good that you dont do that. It sounds like the performance was incredible, and it is very nice of you to talk about a performance like this. Im sure that with this article many more people went to watch it.

  • Denise p-6 6 years ago

    Augusto Soledade, a native of Bahia, Brazil, is a performer, choreographer and currently serves as a full time Assistant Professor in Dance at Florida International University in Miami and as Founder Artistic Director and resident choreographer of Brazz Dance Theater.I hope alot of people went to the performance.

  • Jennifer 5 6 years ago

    SOunds like a great event i wished i would have known about this performance earlier. It would have been great to go watch it. It sounds very interesting and im sure the the dancers were probably great. This is a very good method to expose the company and im sure all thos who attended found that thiswas a good performance

  • Melissa G. p.6 6 years ago

    This event sounds really interesting. I think i have never actually seen a showcase of a blend of Afro-Brazilian culture.So it would have been a good opportunity and experience for me to actually see the showcase. But its too bad i missed it, well next time i'll go.

  • Ivis p6 6 years ago

    that sounds great especially the part of Afro-Brazilian culture. I have always wanted to see a show of that.I find there culture amazing. Thank for keeping us informed of that know i now about that show next time i will like to see them.

  • naomi p.6 6 years ago

    i liked your article and i never saw a show of a afro-brazilian culture. next time i would like to see it!

  • ashleym6 6 years ago

    i have never seen a performance of afro-brazilian culture before it sounds good i would like to go some day

  • Sasha C. 6 years ago

    I never really seen an afro-brazilian dance style before.I would like to see the type of ways they move their bodies and the beat of the music

  • Lian, per.6 6 years ago

    I really wish to see on of these brazz dances now that I'm aware of it.It would be my first time seeing a dance that inculdes afro-brazilian culture,I bet it would be both entertaining and educational,because your learning something new about a different culture.It would be exciting experience to go and see the show.

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