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Brazilian virgin prostitute may lose her passport for auctioning off her virtue

A 20-year-old Brazilian physical education student who has sold her virginity to an unnamed Japanese buyer in an online auction for $780,000, may have her passport revoked for the crime of prostitution. She was taking part in a highly controversial documentary by Australian film-maker Justin Sisely entitled "Virgins Wanted".

The opportunity to deflower Catarina garnered great interest with 15 bids, including many above the $600,000 mark with the winning bid of $780,000 being made by a Japanese man known only as "Natsu".

Brazil’s attorney general, Joao Pedro de Saboia Bandeira de Mello Filho, ordered an "urgent investigation," to look into the auction, which he equated to "people trafficking."

The AG wrote a letter to the country's foreign minister insisting that Sisely's documentary "looks to me like the crime of people trafficking, whose repression is provided for in international treaties."

Mr de Mello Filho also also said that Caterina's passport should be revoked and she should be returned to her native Brazil, from Australia where she is currently studying physical education, for "the exercise of prostitution".

In an interview with Business Week, Sisely said he believes he and his attorneys have done the legwork to make sure everything is legal.

"There’s a fine line there in terms of legalities," Sisely said. "We do not intend to break laws. We have created the right processes so we can achieve it. My understanding is solicitation is illegal, depending on where you are, and prostitution is not illegal, in Australia. Soliciting is putting a person in a situation where they otherwise wouldn’t do something sexually, and prostitution is sex for money."

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