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Brazilian Riots And The World Cup

Brazilian Riots And The World Cup
Brazilian Riots And The World Cup

The two now go hand in hand. Last summer the rioting was merely a show that the Brazilian people were basically upset over their lack of good mass transit, schools and food. Now with the World Cup coming this summer and the venues still unfinished riots have once again taken place. The Brazilian people are not at all happy with the huge stadiums and complexes that are going up and what's worse is that they know that once the Cup is over many of these places will go unused.

The people of Brazil want their President Dilma Rousseff to know that they are unhappy with what is going on in their country. You see the riots last summer were somewhat violent but they are extremely becoming more and more violent each time. The police are not just arresting the people but are actually killing them now in the process. You see the cameras are not on all the time and the police are tired of being called out for the days riot.

The country of Brazil even with their superb record in the World Cup matches did not truly deserve to host this years FIFA event. They just financially were able to pull it off. Somehow, someway they did and it is bankrupting the country.

The people are poor and they know they will not be able to afford to go to a match. Some are calling the elitist prices being asked for the tickets just a slap in the face to the Brazilian people.

You see there are places in the cities that the filth and squalor are just too much to look at or handle. These people need shelters, food, and good educational systems rather than a World Cup. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch Brazil play soccer but when faced with the reality of what life is in some of the cities it is going to be hard for the cameramen to put on a smiley face on the situation outside the stadium. When as in some of the cases with past World Cup Cities they have wanted to put a good look onto what is outside the venues but with the Brazilian Cup it will be better to just show the matches. I guarantee you that what will be taking place outside the venue they will not want to show. You see rather than show the rioting and unrest that is coming they will have to play many commercials to the audience.

Brazil this summer will be on fire and I don't mean because of the football play. The cities will be torched by the Brazilians themselves for they will have a world wide audience and they will let everyone know just how bad it is in their country. This is one World Cup I may have to boycott entirely.