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Brazilian cops invade drug-infested slum before start of World Games

Brazilian police and internal security units invaded what they characterized as a "slum" close to the Rio airport on Sunday as the start of the government's difficult task of driving out the violent and ruthless drugs gangs before the country hosts the 2014 World Cup, Brazil's news media reported on Sunday.

Members of Brazil's elite police SWAT unit have been training daily for the 2014 World Cup in Rio.
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The targeted area gained the distinction of being Brazil's version of "Fort Apache: The Bronx" since it's considered to be one of the most prolific and deadly drug-trafficking cities in South America.

According to media reports, the goal of the police and military action is to make the city as secure as possible for the World Cup and for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Besides making a large number of arrests, according to a U.S. drug enforcement agent who has worked in South American, the police confiscated a large number of firearms and other weapons such as daggers, machetes, and switchblades.

More than 1,000 police officers and military armored vehicles participated in the pre-dawn invasion on one of Rio's dilapidated neighborhoods.

Throughout the operation there was only one death attributed to the anti-crime operation: a 15-year-old boy was killed during a gang-fight between two rival drug gangs.

Riot police in Rio de Janeiro have undergone training in crowd control ahead of the soccer World Cup matches, according to the news media.

The exercise also involved members of the military police, with 50 of them playing the part of unruly Brazilians.

A helicopter monitored the "march" next to Rio's Sambadrome -- were the soccer matches will take place -- in order to describe any actions to law enforcement agents on the ground.

Brazilian government officials also have revealed their plans to deploy up to 170,000 security personnel during the World Cup.

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