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Brazilian cocktail party presented by Slow Food Boston: Thursday, 12/3

On Thursday, 3 December, Slow Food Boston will launch the first in a series of events exploring immigrant food traditions. Their first culinary stop is Brazil, to be followed by Vietnam in spring 2010.

This first event, a Brazilian cocktail party, will focus on Brazil's starchy tuber manioc, also known as yuca or cassava. Manioc originated in the Amazon, and is used in many Brazilian dishes ranging from farofa, a toasted salad-like side dish, to a coating for meat.

The cocktail party will be held at the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS), at 1046 Cambridge Street in Cambridge. Tickets are $20 and must be reserved in advance. All proceeds will benefit MAPS' AIDS/HIV Prevention Program.

Reserve tickets here:

Slow Food Boston advocates sustainability and biodiversity through educational events, and promotes the consumption of seasonal, local foods.