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Brazilian and Canadian partnership to release short film next Wednesday

Producer/author of "Shtarkers" Tony Perzow & associate producer/film editor Gabby Egito
Producer/author of "Shtarkers" Tony Perzow & associate producer/film editor Gabby Egito
John Kaisner

On Wednesday, February 1st, Canadian producer Tony Perzow and Brazilian filmmaker Gabby Egito will launch the short film "Shtarkers" during the trendy independent film event, Best of LA Short Film Showcase, at the Busby's East, at 9PM ($8 cover).

Egito is the associate producer and also signs the editing of the film, while Perzow authors the original script of this 7-minute short. The movie hilariously unites the netherworld of gangsters in classic Hollywood style with an unusual musical number.

The virtually inarticulate title means "tough guys" in Yiddish and the story is a prequel to the comedy "Angelos," staged in LA in 2010. The play, also written by Perzow and praised by the LA Weekly, is now being adapted by him for a feature film.

"The editing work was a blast! Tony brought me a hysterical material, dynamically produced and shot, and he was incredibly generous to give me complete creative freedom. We've had the perfect synergy, I couldn't be more happy with the results", says Egito of the partnership.

"I needed a fresh and talented vision to help me resize the story," says the producer and author who invited Egito to join the project when he decided to turn what was initially a webseries into the short film being released.

This flick in partnership with Canadian producer is the first of five that Gabby Egito plans to launch this year in the U.S.


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