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Brazilian actress Larissa Vereza makes US debut in SyFy’s ‘Android Cop’

Actress Larissa Vereza
Android Cop

Brazilian actress Larissa Vereza makes her way to America in the new SyFy Channel original thriller, “Android Cop.” Premiering today, February 4th, audiences will be introduced to Larissa as she kicks-butt to save sick people and falls in love with Michael Jai White.

This natural beauty originally from Rio de Janerio, has created a serious fan base from her series regular roles on “Amor Eterno Amor” and “Paraiso.” She earned the Top of Business Award for “Amor Eterno Amor” and won Best Actress for her adaptation of “War of Troy” at the Bookmakers Theatre Festival. Larissa also won Best Actress at the International Television Festival for ”Dreaming Around the World,” a TV pilot she created based on her 40 day journey through South America.

We recently caught up with Larissa Vereza to find out more about her American debut in “Android Cop.”

Tell us about your role in the SyFy Channel's "Android Cop".

LARISSA: I play Helen Jacobs, the mayor’s daughter. She was always a rebel, fighting for causes and when a huge earthquake divides Los Angeles in several zones, she hides herself there to try to find a reason why the people are getting sick. That’s when she meets Michael Jai White and joins forces with the team to takedown enemy forces and falls in love along the way.

What can you share with us about working with the sexy Michael Jai White and veteran actor Charles S. Dutton?

LARISSA: What can I say? I couldn’t ask for better partners to work with. Michael is a real gentleman. When I first saw him -- he is huge and me, well, 5’2” -- I was kind of intimidated (laughing)! But he is so sweet and so professional. And when I heard Charles S. Dutton would play my father I was very excited. He is such a wonderful and generous actor. Our scene together was thrilling!

You also kick some butt in the film, are you a 'bad-ass' in real life or was this totally fiction?

LARISSA: LOL…people who know me will have a really good time seeing me fighting. I’m more like the girl-next-door who stumbles on things. I’m used to doing more dramatic roles, but I always wanted to do an action film. I was actually pretty good. I think. Well, Michael said I make a really good sidekick. But I had such a fun time that I’m taking some fight classes and also learning Archery.

Any fun stories from the set you can share with us?

LARISSA: Every day was a blast! Randy Wayne is such a funny guy, as is Mark Atkins (the sweetest director I ever met)! And of course, I was like a kid on a playground…being able to hold guns, run, jump and kick was the best part of the job. What job?

Since this was your first film in the U.S. was there anything you had to do differently to accommodate American audiences?

LARISSA: Well, I was trying really hard to lose my accent. I was just 3 months here and I was taking accent reduction classes. I worked on the audition sides with my coach and when I booked the job, I was like “oh my God, now they’ll see that I have an accent!” Then one day Randy came to me saying that they loved my accent…in the audition. (laughing). Besides that, the beauty about our work is that we can communicate with anyone in every corner of the world. We all have the same emotions, struggles, dreams…

Are you planning to stay in the States or are you heading back to your home country Brazil?

LARISSA: Hell yeah! I’m in love with this city, especially Santa Monica. I also have some other projects to shoot here and others I’m developing to be a co-production with Brazil. Of course, I will be going back now and then to do some projects there, but for now here will be my home.

And finally, how can your fans keep up with your busy career?

LARISSA: They can reach me at my Facebook page! I love to get in touch with my fans and write them back. And my website where they can learn more about my career and me.

Thanks, Larissa. We’ll definitely be watching…and listening for your accent!

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