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Drudge Report: Brazile's unclean feelings for Drudge, greed and politics?

, Matt Drudge, Donna Brazile
, Matt Drudge, Donna Brazile
Evan Agostina/Getty Images (L) Larry Buscasa/Getty Images (R)

Speaking of the Drudge Report, liberal pundit Donna Brazile is as torn as a teen plucking daisy petals, to define her love/hate relationship with Matt Drudge and his news aggregate page. When her articles are linked on the Drudge and traffic floods to read what she has written, she admits she sort of loves the news aggregator. However, according to Brazile in her Friday, CNN commentary, when the Drudge Report headlines turn up the heat on Hillary Clinton, she loves Drudge Report not.

In a New York Times article, Brazile shrugged off her ambiguity about the Drudge Report, labeling the site as an "equal opportunity zinger." She admitted that she has provided information to Matt Drudge. “No one in politics has clean hands. I don’t have clean hands. There’s no question that everyone has called on Matt at some time to use the power of the Internet.” Of note, Brazile didn't explain why she felt dirty or unclean when she dealt with Drudge or why she thought others were getting their hands dirty when they called on Drudge.

Brazile writes that she has cracked the secret of the success of the Drudge Report, describing it as the "equivalent of an online supermarket tabloid." Matt Drudge "funnels anonymous propaganda into the mainstream media," explained Brazile, adding the mainstream media might not 'buy it," if it weren't for the Drudge Report.

Particularly upset about "the latest craziness" Matt is putting out, Brazile wonders if Drudge dreams up his headlines for the Drudge Report while he's in the shower. However Drudge does it, Brazile thinks Matt's headlines are often are all wet. As an example, Brazile offered: "Is Clinton Holding a Walker?"

Brazile pointed out that within 74 minutes after Drudge tweeted a People Magazine photo of Clinton leaning into a camera as she grasped a chair, mainstream media followed. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) popped up to tweet, "Is that a walker?"

All of this was part of a right-wing conspiracy, according to Brazile, to increase negative speculation about Clinton's age and health:

Drudge's tweet fits in with Karl Rove's orchestrated charge in mid-May that maybe Hillary Clinton was "brain damaged" because of a fall she suffered. The idea was to portray her as physically unfit to be president and save the right a billion or two of negative advertising in 2016.

In the past, Drudge has referred to Hillary as “big-boned,” “obese,” and “an out-of-shape middle-aged cow,” then gone on to say Hillary's rear-end shots were comparable to the derrière of Royal, “who has birthed four children.” However, Drudge has never suggested, even jokingly, Hillary is capable of murdering a rival.

To make the point Hillary is tough, Brazile bought up an old story which did precisely that. Brazile explained how some President Obama supporters had warned of Clinton's reputation, warned not even his food would be safe if Clinton joined his Cabinet. The suggestion was that Obama should "hire a food taster."

Brazile has met Matt Drudge personally and described him as a "Southern gentleman." However, getting a link on the Drudge Report, says Brazile is a mixed bag of shudders and delight. "On one hand, millions read the column, and like the author, they send you responses just as loud and shrewd as Drudge,” she explained in Politico.

Bottom line, when the Drudge Report is going after Hillary Clinton or an issue dear to her heart, Brazile sorely tasks the Drudge Report for having the kind of influence she takes advantage of by passing information to him, herself, if it she wants mega-exposure. She has acknowledged Drudge is both "a blessing and a curse."

It's of note that although Brazile slammed Drudge for feeding "anonymous propaganda" to mainstream media, in reference to often provocatively worded headlines on the Drudge Report, her use of "anonymous" may be a poor choice. None of the Drudge links lead to articles without author identification, though it is true some of those authors may cite anonymous sources.

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