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Brazil's World Cup (2014)

Brazil's World Cup (2014)
Brazil's World Cup (2014)
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This is possibly a tragedy waiting to happen. Brazil never should have been granted permission to hold the World Cup. Brazil was not financially stable enough to have put this on. The opening ceremonies opened the Cup yesterday. With the wonderful show going on inside the stadium riots were taking place outside. You see many in Brazil feel the 12 to 13 billion dollars that were used to either renovate or build stadiums could have been used to better ends.

President Dilma Rousseff decided to build twelve venues rather than stay the required eight that FIFA calls for. What's really funny is that there is one stadium that was built in a rainforest for a mere 300 million dollars. There are only going to be four matched held here. There is no team that will use the stadium after the World Cup so most are calling it the largest "Bird Toilet" ever built.

The country has been bilked by contractors in the building process. People are not happy. They have every right to be upset with this whole process. Some of the venues are not even finished and yet they are allowing people to attend the matches.

During the first match yesterday when Brazil was playing against Croatia protests and violence was taking place outside the stadium. Inside the stadium controversy was already taking place. One if the Brazilian players fake a foul and received a penalty kick which put Brazil ahead of Croatia.

The complaints from the people about where the money could have been used better is with mass transportation which is highly inadequate and can possibly go on strike or at least they threatened and would thoroughly disrupt the matches Another complaint is that there simply isn't adequate housing for most of the Brazilian populace and the simple fact that many cant afford to feed their families. The pay is almost absurd for manual labor jobs. In other words the money that Brazil thinks it will pull in may not even be enough to cover the cost of putting the event on.

If yesterday is anything like what we have to see for the next month I can guarantee you that more violence will occur and some people may even die. I love the World Cup and have been watching since 1972 but if there is as much violence I think is going to occur I may just have to not watch the matches. I hope I'm wrong.