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Brazil cries at its party while Argentina Advances to final

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The World Cup finals is set, Germany vs. Argentina, the fellow South American giants, while host nation Brazil sits in the dust, in the recent eve and worst loss and thrashing that was handed down to them by the Germans. Payback is something serious, one must add, in that Brazil took a World Cup Championship from Germany in 2002, beating them in Asia to win their fifth World Cup title. The same fate that Spain was dealt by the Netherlands , a former World Cup champ being humiliated, is how this World Cup would end it almost seems. Seriously, whoever thought, that the great futbol nation of Brazil would ever lose in any game, especially a World Cup game, Semi-finals at that by six goals, a score of 7-1. Well, this was the final score no jokes, not a video game. This would be the worst loss by any team in these World Cup finals.

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While it may yet be their own party and they can cry if they want too, watching the great and legendary Messi, futbol youngest and greatest player to play the game, make it to the championship match on Sunday on their very own fields, it is by pure will, destiny, and fate that has Argentina here. Listening to the Argentina head coach describe Messi and his distribution of the ball, metaphorically speaking of him as a savior, one that provides water to his people in the desert, when no water exist anywhere is genius and pure magical and phenomenal when it comes to futbol terminology. Now, the Germans are not going to lay down and are a fierce side to be reckon with, sending a stella and immaculate team to these games every four years, an assured evidence of that, in how they humiliated the host, making the great Brazil cry at their own birthday party.