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Brazen BBQ Smokehouse & Bar works it's magic on my senses

I love the smoked flavor throughout their meats...
I love the smoked flavor throughout their meats...

In the world of nearby, time and distance it is to lick fingers is why we do BBQ. Once upon a time that meant KFC but now, for us, it means Brazen BBQ. It, nearby time I mean, is also to watch MLB All-stars do their thing.

No one does it better than Brazen BBQ

It can’t get any better than to go somewhere close and partake of both activities. I do like Brazen BBQ Smokehouse & Bar a lot. When they first moved into their nice digs, at 441 Washington Street, in San Diego’s Hillcrest/Mission Hills area, they may have been a tad bit better at putting on the best in smoked BBQ of all players in the entire county. Today they remain one of my go to places for fine dining.

The staff is tops in my book. The last time we were there, our server asked, “So how is it?” with his broad smile gleaming warmth. “Not so good.” I replied, because I thought he really wanted to know. After I assessed his response and assured him my food was still way better than most places, I added on a strictly professional critic’s level that the spare ribs were a bit dry and the smoke flavor seemed lacking.

Our server, without further adieu vanished into the back room and magically reappeared with altered ribs for our consumption. I say here that I responded to him with a Critic’s tongue, but he didn’t know me from any other John Doe who ever wandered inside this eatery, yet he made good on the company’s guarantee that we’d like the food. The replacement ribs were wonderful.

The sports bar attached to the restaurant is quaint to be sure and can on a good sporting day get crowded, but it is a great spot to hang and to consume libations of your favorite label while cheering on your team.

There is also a parking lot which magically has hosted my car every time I’ve been there for a bite to eat. It’s a tiny lot but I’ve always found space for my stead.

I will be back to this establishment either for a good crowd of regulars to talk sports nonsense with or to consume fine BBQ along with the best sides in town.

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