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Brawling for victory in San Mateo County Coroner's race



  • Yet again... 6 years ago

    The Examiner posts a Nevares-slanted article full of mistruths. Nevares was NEVER an assistant to the Coroner - she answered the phones when, on the rare occasion she bothered to show for work.

    "According to her posted biography" she authored the County Homicide Protocol - one of Nevares' many lies about her actions at the Coroner's Office and her qualification. Check your facts - that policy was written and implemented when Nevares was a teenager and has not been revised since. Re-typed, yes.

    Nevares has never worked in more than an adminstraitve position in law enforcement. She has never participated in any type of forensic death investigation.

    As for her actions during the time Foucrault was Coroner, she was certainly not above the fray. She likes to cite the Picon case as a misstep for the Coroner however, the appellate court recently found the Coroner did nothing wrong.

    Shame on the Examiner for shamelessly promoting an unqualified, untruthful,angry candidate

  • Oh look... 6 years ago

    David Burrito and Stacie Nevares found a new mouthpiece. Looks like maybe Joey Capote got tired of her lies...

  • Only two papers have 6 years ago

    expended the engry to endorse Foucrault - well, that's two more endorsements that Nevares has. has certainly expended a significant amount of energy posting pro-Stacie articles. If you think she is such a great candidate where are your endorsements?

    Speaking of endorsements - how may does Nevares have. I think I can count them on one hand. And does it really matter when the San Mateo Democratic Committee endorses a candidate when she is 1) the only democratic candidate in the race and 2) the only one who applied for the endorsement?

    And I would hardly call actively campaigning having her father hand out cards to people on the corner and where 99.99% of them end up in the trash. If her campaign was so successful and people thought she was a viable candidate why has the majority of her money in her campaign account been loaned to her by her.

    Examiner needs to stop with the lies. Check your facts and be ethical journalists, please.

  • Really - three 6 years ago

    local government officials equates to a "surprising number of local elected officials". The only thing surprising is there are three local officals ignorant enough to believe her lies, give her money and attach their name to her campaign that has been based on bitterness, hatred, untruths, and exaggerations.

    While the qualifications may state you need to be only 18 to run for Coroner, Nevares couldnt be more unqualified. A barista, a cashier and an alarm-code coordinator do not make the necessary experience to lead forensic death investigations.

    Ms. Nevares may like to say the Coroner doesnt want to run on his records - funny coming from her. She doesnt want to run on her qualifications and ideas for the office if she were, by some miracle, be elected Coroner. She doesnt want to run becuase she has 1) NO RELEVANT EXPERIENCE 2) NO QUALIFICATION and 3) NO IDEA HOW TO DO THE JOB.

    The only thing your pro-Nevares articles are good for is ending up in a lible suit. Have fun!

  • Disappointed in this paper 5 years ago

    Ms. Nevares, former OFFICE ASSISTANT, is far from qualified to do anything having to do with death investigation or manage people. Ms. Nevares does believe she could run the Coroner's Office, however she has no knowledge of anatomy or how the human body works. As for her behavior goes, someone should really dig into the facts regarding her exit from employment from San Mateo County or her on going issues with her current employer. It is amazing how this paper seems to simply believe everything she says without looking into the truth, if she said she could walk on water would you publish that too? It would not be any farther from the truth in most of other things she says.

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