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Bravo to the Santa Monica teacher who fought the student

Several parents are supporting the Santa Monica teacher who fought the student and rightfully so. The video showed the teacher (also a wrestling coach) attempting to restrain the student with a wrestling hold, after the student (according to the report) hit the teacher.

The superintendent is totally correct when she stated that this was a "deeply disturbing incident." Yes, it is very disturbing that the superintendent apparently placed the teacher on leave without any communication with the teacher or the student. How can anyone take action against a teacher (or even a student) without knowing the facts, especially when a video does not show that the teacher was attacking the student. In fact, the video shows only that the teacher was attempting only to restrain the student. Surely, the scene looked wreckless; however, if the student was compliant, the teacher would not have the need to attempt to restrain him. From the video, it seems that that student was attempting to get away and all the wrestling coach teacher was using his skills to safely restrain the student.

What is a teacher to do if a student has drugs and hits the teacher when he attempts to get the student to hand over the drugs? What if the student had a gun? In actuality, the video merely shows the teacher did a fantastic job of restraining the student without having anyone injured. He should be praised, rather than immediately condemned for his action. Bravo to the teacher. Condemnation to the superintendent, for immediately placing the teacher on leave without any investigation.

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