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Bravo, Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

An ongoing public quarrel between Bravo television’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) reality show stars Porsha Williams, granddaughter of late civil rights icon Hosea Williams, and former Miss USA, Kenya Moore, became physical in late March 2014. Ms. Williams, after grabbing and briefly dragging Ms. Moore by the hair across the floor (as shown in a video of the altercation), describes her misdeed as “provoked” by Ms. Moore. The remaining cast members reportedly sided with Ms. Williams, agreeing that Ms. Williams’ behavior was provoked by Ms. Moore, who is known for provocative antics. The matter has now become a legal one since Ms. Moore pressed charges, and Ms. Williams was obligated to turn herself in to authorities. Ms. Williams has made the rounds of talk shows and numerous media programs promoting herself as “victimized by a bully”, so there was reasonable cause for her behavior. Ms. Moore was recently invited by RHOA producer Andy Cohen to defend her decision to prosecute Ms. Williams. When it comes to victims, Ms. Williams has been victimized, by corporate USA rather than a former Miss USA; and so has Ms. Moore.

My perception, which evidence-based research supports, is that the entire cast of Real Housewives of whatever locality (Atlanta, Orange County-it does not matter); similar reality television shows, and fans who consume such images are in fact victimized by the myths that these images create in the minds of all involved. These myths produce income for people in high places who earn far more from these subconsciously-planted mythical images than those who place themselves at risk, such as Ms. Moore who was physically violated by Ms. Williams before millions of viewers; and Ms. Williams, who was subconsciously violated by Ms. Moore’s superior skills at ratings-motivated antics. Hopefully, the two will recognize that they are both being exploited (who is really liable?), work this out agreeably, and turn this from a bad situation into a good one.

To a great extent, cast members, staff, technicians, and viewers, are all victims of the agenda of those who exponentially profit from perpetuating images which destroy peace and set people against each other. People at peace with themselves and others have no need to buy products which they don’t need in order to comply with falsely created images of success, value, and worth. When we buy into these myths, “Bravo” is an appropriate expression of the gratitude felt by the creators, producers and highly-compensated profiteers of damaging negative mythical images such as those projected in Real Housewives and most media regularly consumed by the masses.

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