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Brave Texas boy credited with saving small dog

Brave boy saves little dog
Brave boy saves little dog
Screen shot via WFAA News

According to Tuesday's WFAA News, a brave boy in Plano, Texas, is being hailed a canine hero for saving his neighbor's small dog from a grimy storm drain last weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, Grant Snodgrass, who is just nine years of age, heard that his neighbor's 15-year-old Shih Tzu, "Macy," had slipped down into a curbside storm drain and her guardian was unable to get her back out. The boy left his home to see check out the frightening situation himself.

The boy described Macy's owner's efforts:

The neighbor was right here, leaning down with the leash, trying to get it over the dog's neck; but when the leash got onto it's neck, it always backed away,"

Macy continued to thwart her owner's efforts and eventually, the decision was made to remove a manhole cover to access the dark drain. Few people savor the prospect of a dark, slimy, bug-laden space and Grant was no different - in fact, according to his parents, the soon-to-be third grader has dealt with the fear of bugs and tight spaces in the past.

Despite those fears, the boy realized that nobody else was small enough to crawl inside to rescue little Macy; he told WFAA News:

I had to go down the hole; I couldn't do anything else.

He added:

"It was pretty creepy,"

"It felt slimy, there were bugs everywhere, and water everywhere."

In the end, the boy's bravery paid off. Not only was little Macy rescued, but Grant's good deed was rewarded with a trip to Baskin-Robbins for some much appreciated ice cream.

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