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Brave mom uses her body as speed bump to save kids in rolling car

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Mindy Tran, a 22-year-old brave mom of twin daughters is recovering in the hospital from a crushed left knee and a dislocated right leg after she used her own body as a speed bump.

She successfully stopped the car from rolling onto a busy street in Massachusetts, according to The Honda Accord was in her garage when it began to roll down to the busy street with Tran’s two-year-old twin daughters strapped in the backseat.

Tran stated she backed into her garage, she thought she put her car in park and went to unlock her front door when she saw the car with her children still inside of it start to roll. It was at that time the brave mom went into action.

“My motherly instincts kicked in,” Tran said.

Tran knew the car with her children inside was heading toward the busy street which could cause an accident and hurt her twin girls so without second thought, she used her own body as a speed bump to stop the rolling car.

A neighbor who saw the incident jumped in the car, applied the brakes and removed the twin girls from the vehicle. Firefighters arrived and used wood blocks and an airbag to lift the vehicle off of Tran.

The incident occurred on Mar. 6 and the brave mom is expected to walk again.

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