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Brave Army Medic loses child to dad on probation because she has to relocate

Army Medic Andrea Gracia is fighting to get her daughter Elina back
Army Medic Andrea Gracia is fighting to get her daughter Elina back
Ali Briones (used with permission)

Andrea Gracia joined the United States Army as a way to get a medical education and provide for her children. She has served honorably for the past year but that service has now cost her her five-year-old daughter.

Gracia’s daughter Elina was taken from her by a judge who felt the child should stay in one place. Towards that end, he gave her to her dad who is serving a term of probation rather than letting her stay with her Army mom, new husband and little sister. Gracia’s only recourse is to appeal the decision.

If you have ever dealt with family court and custody matters, you know it takes a good attorney and money, lots of it. On a medic’s pay, there’s no way Gracia can afford to retain an appeal lawyer.

She has already spent desperately-needed dollars on legal advice. Now she needs $4,000 more or she may never get Elina returned to her.

Sadly, the Army offers no protection for a service member in this situation. On the surface, it looks like she is being penalized for serving her country. That shouldn’t happen in the U.S.A.

On a hope and a prayer, Andrea Gracia’s sister, Ali Briones, has set up a Go Fund Me campaign in the hopes of getting her niece back. So far, only $100 has been raised towards the needed $4,000.

As you can imagine, Andrea Gracia is heartbroken and missing her beloved daughter. Can you help? Do you have a spare buck or two?

Many people think a donation has to be a goodly sum to make a difference and that’s simply not true. People have asked me what good a single dollar can do. Maybe not much on its own, but if you put it together with everybody else’s dollars, it can do a lot. After all, a beach is made out of many individual grains of sand.

Here is the Go Fund Me link to help Elina get back to her mother. Every dollar will help. And if you don’t have a dollar, please send a prayer. Thank you.


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