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Braum joins the League of Legends

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Welcome Braum to the League of Legends and his Fort Worth fans who can now enjoy his heroic hardiness. This mustache'd muscleman is the definition of a hero. He's strong, he's hearty, and he's always there to save the day. To discover more about exactly how heroic Braum is, check out his interactive story page at the League of Legends website by clicking here.

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Braum's passive is "Concussive Blows", and is applied to his enemies when he strikes them with auto-attacks or his Winter's Bite ability. After the initial strike, Braum and his allies can apply additional stacks of Concussive Blows, which causes the enemy to become stunned and take magic damage when reaching four stacks. This passive will require some clear-cut coordination to maximize its potential.

"Winter's Bite" causes Braum to hurl ice from his shield, slowing and dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit by the projectile. Winter's Bite is perfect for when Braum needs to pick an enemy out from their team, or slow his ally's hunter.

Braum jumps to his ally when using "Stand Behind Me". When reaching his ally, Braum and the ally receive bonus armor and magic resist for a short time. Braum can also use Stand Behind Me on himself. He just wouldn't be a traditional savior without taking a bullet for a friend.

"Unbreakable" causes Braum to drop his shield in a direction for several seconds, blocking the first projectile completely, then reducing the damage of subsequent projectiles. Even subsequent projectiles will not break through Braum to hit allies behind him. Maximizing the power of Unbreakable will help the best Braums stand out from the bummer-Braums.

Braum's ultimate is "Glacial Fissure", slamming the ground and knocking up all enemies, dealing magic damage in a line. The fissure left behind on the ground continues to slow enemies as they attempt to traverse it. Braum's ultimate is to be reckoned with, as it is extremely disruptive and will synergize exceptionally with other ultimates.

Braum's kit fits his heroic-savior personality well. With his abilities, he can fill the role of a durable support, while providing lockdown, and the tools to protect allies as well as initiate fights. Braum is a new champion, but he may find his way into the professional scene very quickly, bringing the inevitable slew of amazing plays.

Summoners of Fort Worth, expand Braum's truly legendary tales by performing your own feats with him on the Fields of Justice! The League of Legends has genuinely become more legendary with the addition of Braum and his magnificent mustache.


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