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Bratty Teen Suing Parents For High School Tuition Loses First Round In Court

Bratty Teen Sues Parents for high school and college tuition - photo credit - Efabula
Bratty Teen Sues Parents for high school and college tuition - photo credit - Efabula
photo credit - Efabula

Sometimes kids can be a little ungrateful when it comes to expecting their parents to provide certain benefits for them. Yet in the case of one apparent spoiled 18-year-old honor student and cheerleader she takes being an ingrate to a whole different level. It seems that Rachel Canning, according to Fox News was more than a little peeved that they withheld their purse strings to pay for he private school education when she walked out of New Jersey home late in 2013.

Mom and dad were not having it when she decided that her way was to not be deprived of her boyfriends affections and live in a place where she could have the best of all worlds. So instead of continuing to pay for her education at Morris Catholic High School, they cut off tuition payments.

Being an honor student who was admittedly raised by “liberal, liberal parents” must have emboldened the young now liberated young woman to do what liberals love best, redistribute the income. In this case Rachel wanted to redistribute her parents money to her own bank account to the tune of $654 a week in child support, and attorney fees that were in the thousands of dollars plus her high school tuition payments, reported Fox News.

The judges slammed on the brakes, and told her not going to happen this time around and denied her motion on the financial windfall she might have thought was owed her by her parents. Morris County Court Judge Peter Bogaard said that ruling in her favor would be a particularly bad precedent by setting limits on parenting.

The lawsuit happy daughter did gain a small victory from the judge when he ruled that the parents must still keep her health insurance intact as well as stay current on and college savings accounts the honor student might have.

The judge still has to rule on the parent’s responsibility for college tuition if any for the recalcitrant acting daughter, but legal experts are siding with the judge on what a ruling against the parents could have done. Jeralyn Lawrence, who will be the new chair of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey Bar Association, commented, “This could open the floodgates of recalcitrant kids fighting with their parents, moving out and then suing for them to keep paying,” reported Fox News.

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