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Braswellian 6th anniversary announcement

Donald Braswell II
Donald Braswell II

Braswellians (fans of Donald Braswell II) will be again descending on San Antonio to have their event celebrating the anniversary of his fan club. Locals will welcome out-of-towners, who traditionally fly or drive to the event. California, Idaho, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Texas (of course), as well as Mexico have been represented in the past anniversaries.

The fan club was organized on September 30, 2008. Each year, members hold an event to be able to privately visit with their star. The event is only available to members. They welcome new members, though, so anyone wishing to attend the concert can join the club on Braswell's website or by attending the event. Membership is free.

This year, they are planning a dinner/concert on October 4, 2014 at 5pm. Tickets to the concert are $35, but people will get a $10 discount if payment is received by September 1st (Price is $25 if paid by September 1st.) The secret location will have food and drink available for purchase. Concert goers also are invited to attend a private brunch with Donald the next morning, October 5, at a location near the hotel where most are staying. He is planning to perform his “Las Vegas” concert, where he includes a mixture of genres from Andrea Boccelli, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra, among others.

To attend, contact Vice President Serena Vignola at 804.244.0471, or or President Cherie Ohlsson at 303.683.2585 or Attendees will be given details about the concert, the brunch and the recommended hotel. (A hotel near the airport has been chosen so shuttles will be available. There will be enough cars available to help visitors get to the concert and brunch.)

Make your check for the concert out to Serena Vignola and mail it to Donald Braswell Fan Club, 11843 Braesview, Suite 410, San Antonio, TX 78213. All checks need to be received by September 1, 2014, to be eligible for the $10 discount. Hotel and airline rates will probably go up and concert seating is limited, so act early!

Braswellians are reportedly some of the most caring and fun-loving people anyone has ever met. The anniversary is always a great time. If you can only do one Donald Braswell event, be sure to do this one.