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Brangelina won't be drinking each other under the table at 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Less than a week before Ricky Gervais goes stand-up in a roomful of beautiful people, Brangelina comes forth with the "tragic news" that they won't be attending the drunken love fest otherwise known as The Golden Globes.

Actually, the news came from Jolie's stylist, but can't let that minor detail stop the rumor mill.

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Pitt was snubbed for his cartoon-like, yet memorable performance in this year's lead contender for best picture and Jolie didn't star in anything memorable.

Besides, a nod from the Hollywood Foreign Press is hardly enough reason to rent a limo and shave the weird beard. The Globes don't drive ticket sales or increase asking prices like the Oscars. They're just a thinly disguised excuse to compare facelifts, get sloshed and hand out gold-plated phallic symbols.

Last year, Brangelina was nominated by every big award show under the sun and went home with nothing but the pained smiles on their beautiful faces.

This year, they'd probably rather skip the pained smiles and go right to the empty-handed part.