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Brangelina wedding date predicted by length of Brad Pitt's beard?

Brangelina wedding news! "It is finally happening!" proclaims the Daily Mail in a headline shared on Dec. 6, 2012. Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt have allegedly sent someone to pick up their custom wedding rings from the jeweler. The Hollywood movie star has also done the unthinkable lately -- he's finally started manscaping.

Brad Pitt still had a goatee and long hair on Dec. 6, 2012 but Hollywood insiders are predicting he will clean himself up by manscaping extensively before his wedding to Angelina Jolie.
Getty Images (Examiner)

It might have taken seven years and six children to get the celebrity couple to walk to the altar, but if the British tabloid is correct the marriage ceremony should happen fairly quickly based on jewelry. But there is another theory floating around in the rumor mills as of late -- one that claims the actual wedding date can be predicted by the length of Brad Pitt's beard.

The Hollywood star celebs might get married in secret. Any day now, they may simply emerge in public wearing their wedding rings. After all, since she already makes a far more money per film than he does and she claims that she is getting ready to retire from acting, if they do wed before Christmas the announcement will come at just the right time for him to continue promoting his new film "World War Z".

Pitt has been hard at work filming the zombie apocalypse themed movie. Troubles on the movie set with cost and timing calculations have forced him to spend more time in London lately re-shooting multiple scenes.

The famous Hollywood actor is nearly 50-years-old and hopes to broaden his fan base by taking on the role in the new science fiction action adventure film. He has been criticized in the press by those who think that his scruffy goatee and disheveled bed head appearance he has been sporting as of late are making him less marketable for future movies.

He has even been mocked for his appearance in the now-famous Chanel commercial -- being compared to a creepy uncle that always wants kids to sit in his lap. [Yes, really.] For that reason alone, it most Brad Pitt fans seem to think it would be prudent for him to clean up his appearance in preparation for the wedding out of respect for his drop dead gorgeous and super wealthy baby-mommy [nearly] common-law wife.

Guess what that means, celebrity news watchers?

That is right... while he's already trimmed his long scraggly locks and trimmed the goatee to a manageable length this week, for the wedding he might elect to get rid of the outdated beard look completely.

If a clean-shaven, tan, and well rested looking Brad Pitt ever does get spotted in a celebrity sighting while running errands around town in France (where the couple is expected to wed at their private estate), or is seen looking fabulous on the Hollywood red carpet any time during the month of December 2012, chances are either the wedding has already happened or he is about to exchange vows with his lovely bride-to-be before his goatee can grow back in or his jaw line has a chance to get scruffy and "yuck-i-fied".

Then again, him being willing to cut off his beard may just be another sign the Mayans were right. The world as we've come to know it (in all it's decrepit, aging, and slovenly looking trend-setting celebrity fashion) might truly be ending.

Lucky for Americans, the timing coincides with the release of Brad Pitt's Zombie movie.


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