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Brandy and Ryan Press split: Couple ends their engagement

Brandy and Ryan Press have split up. A manager for Brandy confirmed to Us Weekly in an April 15 report that the couple ended their engagement.

The R&B singer's rep said the two have broken off their engagement, but are still "friends." In 2012 the 35-year-old singer was engaged to the music producer. Her rep said they decided to "take a step back and reevaluate the relationship."

The Brandy and Ryan Press break up is quite "amicable," the rep added. Brandy has a 12-year-old daughter from ex, Robert Smith. She wants to focus on her daughter and other priorities. She has a lot going on and wants to be her own woman.

Brandy wants more children, but now isn't the time she wants to settle down. As E! News reviewed in their report on the Brandy and Ryan Press break up, rumors began in February that things were changing between the two. Brandy was spotted at the 45th NAACP Non-Televised Awards without her engagement ring. Press was also missing from her birthday party.

As for appearing on VH1's "Morning Buzz" Tuesday, the Grammy winning singer didn't say anything about her split from Ryan Press. She evidently knew her rep was going to handle the dirty work since that's what they do.

It's predicted that Brandy will sing about the break up on her seventh album. She said it's going to be a "very personal album for me...It's about my life and a lot of things I've been going through lately, so I can't wait for that. I'ma be hollerin' a lot on this album!"

At least this celebrity split seems amicable and not full of bitterness and grudges. When couples are really angry with their partners, the world knows about it. The Brandy and Ryan Press break up doesn't have those kind of headlines. Then again, things change fast in Hollywood!

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