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Brandy Alexander Day: 8 Creamy Brandy Alexander cocktail recipes

When it comes to unusual holidays, Jan. 31 is a biggy! Not only is it Scotch Tape Day, Backward Day and Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, it is also a great big food holiday. Jan. 31 also celebrates a much-maligned vegetable, a sinfully delicious drink and a creamy cocktail. It's also Eat Brussels Sprouts Day, National Hot Chocolate Day and (National) Brandy Alexander Day!

National Brandy Alexander Day: Decadent delight on a cold winter's night
Jason Lam

Brandy Alexander

Typically made with brandy, cream and creme de cacao, some believe the delicious after-dinner drink was actually created for King George and Queen Mary's oldest daughter's wedding to Viscount Lascelles. It is also believed to have been one of John Lennon's favorite drinks.

If you're looking for a little decadent delight on a cold winter's night, why not whip up one or two of the delicious cocktail recipes listed below in honor of National Brandy Alexander Day?

8 Brandy Alexander Cocktails

  • Classic Brandy Alexander - This classic cocktail recipe, from Esquire, calls for brandy, Creme de Cacao and heavy cream. And oh - don't forget the ice.
  • Brandy Alexander - This recipe, from Martha Stewart, calls for brandy, dark cacao or Kahlua, heavy cream, ice cubes and whole nutmeg.
  • Brandy Alexander Mom's Way - This cocktail recipe calls for brandy, Creme de Cacao, chocolate and mint bitters and ground nutmeg.
  • Holiday Brandy Alexander - Perfect for the holidays, this cocktail has eggnog in it!
  • Hot Brandy Alexander - This drink is sure to warm you right up on a cold winter's night!
  • Frozen Brandy Alexander - If you're looking for a little something special to tickle those taste buds, this frozen cocktail that calls for Creme de Cacao, brandy and vanilla ice cream, may be just the ticket!
  • Lennon's Milkshake - Inspired by John Lennon, this drink skips the brandy.
  • Brandy Alexander Cheesecake - You've gotta have a sweet treat to savor when sippin' on a delicious beverage, right?

Cheers! Don't forget the Super Bowl is coming up!

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