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Brandon Miller Band launches new CD; gains national plus overseas audience

A local band with a new sound of Blues and Rock continues to scratch for its breakout exposure, and as of Thursday, May 15, Brandon Miller, lead guitarist and composer for the bit Brandon Miller Band said that since the release of their new CD, the band is gaining both national and international attention.

See and hear the Brandon Miller Band:  May 22 at Knuckleheads Saloon - Brandon w/ Bob Dylan Tribute,  Kansas City, Mo., 8p. m.; May 24, Kearney Blues Fest, Kearney, Mo. 5 p.m.; and Every Wednesday at The Levee, Kansas City, Mo. from 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
See and hear the Brandon Miller Band: May 22 at Knuckleheads Saloon - Brandon w/ Bob Dylan Tribute, Kansas City, Mo., 8p. m.; May 24, Kearney Blues Fest, Kearney, Mo. 5 p.m.; and Every Wednesday at The Levee, Kansas City, Mo. from 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
Provided by Brandon Miller and The Brandon Miler Band

“We had our CD Release Party on Sunday night, April 13 at Knuckleheads Saloon in KC,” Brandon Miller said. “We had a great crowd and turnout even though the weather turned the beautiful spring weekend into a cold, wet night. We can't thank everyone enough for making it to that show. It was a special night.

Miller, a graduate of Gardner Edgerton high school, said that his growing number of fans had been inquiring about a new CD and when and where it would be available and ready for purchase. Miller’s first CD debuted about three years ago, and after a few months, he said he was getting inquiries from radio stations in France who were interested in him his music and his band. Since that time, Miller has played locally and regionally on a regular basis while he worked on music for his next CD release.

“The new CD release went very well. Our fans, along with the band, have been waiting a long time for our second album. We released our debut album in 2011 and they've been anxiously waiting ever since. We are getting online hits from everywhere around the country along with some hits internationally,” he said.

So far, in 2014, Miller said the band had toured and played in Lincoln and Omaha Neb. so far, but plan to travel to Wichita and St. Louis this summer. Miller said the man also travel to Tulsa and Oklahoma City in years past and will continue to travel and build our fan base in the five-state Midwest region.

“Lots of people really love our take on a modern blues sound. With the fusion of rock music as well, it helps move the blues into what I believe will help better form and bring the blues music back to a popular forefront,” Miller said.

Miller’s music is a very new and different sound. When listening, bits and pieces of previous super-star bands come to mind. Overall, Blues is the background, the rock influence comes though strongly.

“I classify my music as guitar-driven blues rock. Everybody I've ever listened to has been an influence on me. Whether that is a good or bad influence is still up for debate,” Miller said with a chuckle. “Growing up, I listening to the music that my parents did: Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Rush, Peter Frampton, Tom Petty, etc. I'm a big fan of current blues-rock guitarists Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule). You never know when a generation of music will fade away or disappear, but I think the direction the new Blues is going will continue to draw a younger crowd and generation to this music.”

Milller said that toward the end of high school, he started focusing on original music and what “my sound” was.

“I started forming different projects and when I was 20, I met Jeff and we formed BMB (Brandon Miller Band). We have two full length original albums and have played hundreds of shows together. We have gotten the opportunity to open for and play with local, region, and national acts such as Trampled Under Foot, Samantha Fish, Foghat and Night Ranger.”

The BMB hosts a weekly open jam and mic night at The Levee in Kansas City, Mo. on Wednesdays from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. The band also plays in town three or four times each month depending on travels, he said.

“The Levee is kind of our home away from home. We get a good draw at Freddy T's in Olathe and Llwelyn's Pub in Overland Park (both in Kansas) because we are all from those areas,” Miller said.

Their music the band submits their music to a lot of radio stations, he said. Because Blues isn't played on the radio much, the group gets the majority of their listeners from blues internet radio. There are a couple of local radio shows that do play the BMB music, 90.1 FM KKFI, especially.

“Just last week I began shipping internationally. That was quite the experience–one to England and one to France. We have sold our music all over Europe, but most of it has been digitally,” he said.

Miller said that when a person writes his own music it’s hard to select a favorite because there is a special connection to each song and the process to create it.

“It’s tough to have a favorite. For songwriting, I think ‘Hero's Mistake’ or ‘Breakin' In.’ stick out in my memory. Both of those songs just kind of wrote themselves. They probably relate to a lot of other musicians that always find themselves never getting to that point where you can be satisfied. Others around you find the easy road to success, while you're stuck in the mud just trying to find a way out. It may not always be fair, but it's reality,” Miller said.

"Last Goodbye" was our first album and we had great success with it. Since it was my first time recording an original full length album it just flew by and I've always wanted to get back ever since,” he said.

The new CD, “Slow Train” contains a cacophony of sounds and beats. No matter what song, there is the heavy Blues chords driving the song. Miller and his band have taken the time to polish each song, and, amazingly, each song can stand alone as a single.

BMB’s new CD contains a variety of music guaranteed to please many listeners. The music goes from a blues oriented slow tune to one reminiscent of Rockabilly. Each time one listens to the CD he or she will find a new favorite.

Each and every song brings out a new texture. The sound the BMB creates is unique. This is music one would pay to hear in a club. This is music a group of friends could listen to time and time again.

On first listen, “Dark Heart of Mine” tells a story many identify with. Next listen, “Heroes Mistake,” speaks to you. Each and every song tells a story. Miller made comment on each song to help listeners understand his mind-set as he was writing each piece. His comments follow each title.

“Slow Train”
“The constant struggle and endless nights of hard work can never seem to pay off. While others find success overnight, others just witness the unfairness that haunts them night after night.”

“Hero’s Mistake”
“The truth is often hiding or distorted from society’s eyes. Just because it’s forced upon us doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Sometimes people are blind to the right solution. One day the truth will surface leaving everyone pointing fingers.”

“Dark Heart of Mine”
“When you find someone who you care so much about, you don’t want to let them go, you know it’s meant to be. You can’t live without them. They make you and everyone else around them a better person . I’m lucky enough to have found that very early in life and can’t imagine what I would do without her.”

“Can’t Get Enough”
“It was time to write an upbeat shuffle. More of my music revolves around the everyday struggles, so I decided to go the opposite direction. A couple of little twists and turns to make it our own. I love the piano on this track. It’s amazing.”

“Breakin’ In”
“This may be the best song I’ve written–the kind that just writes itself. One thing leads to another, and you realize that you’ve been given the biggest opportunity of your life, and you can’t pass it up. You can never repay what has been given to you, but that doesn’t stop you from pouring out your heart and soul.”

“This song represents how friends will stick together. True friends will always want each other to achieve success and never let the bad times affect their relationship. No matter how dark times gets, they are always there. Crank this one up!”

“End of the Road”
“Heavy guitar-driven, blues is the backbone of this song. Find a catchy riff and put it into a 12-bar blue. This one really grooves hard and has that strong Hammond B3 foundation laid down by Shinetop.”

“Night after Night”
“These slow blues tunes always have such strong emotional ties to everyone. Every note carries such heavy feeling. It’s difficult sometimes to see how evil a person is until you step back and look from the outside.”

“Out of Time”
“Accepting the fact that something didn’t work is one of the best solutions you can get. Shying away, though, to help fuel your ego is another. You can repeat the same thing expecting different results, but that seldom results in a change. All of us knows what that leads to.”

“Cold Hearted”
“It’s crazy to think that some as close as friends and family can be so deceiving while looking out for themselves. It takes someone to make a stand in order to put the entire better situation.”

The new CD features the 10 aforementioned songs. It is available from Brandon Miller through the band’s website:

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