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Brandon Howard, Miki Howard's son: Michael Jackson's dad may be his father

The question which has resurfaced is: Is Miki Howard the mother of Michael Jackson's son Brandon Howard? Brandon Howard, singer Miki Howard’s son, was thought to be the son of Michael Jackson up until Thursday, but by Friday it is being thought that Brandon Howard may be Michael Jackson’s brother. It’s all linked to DNA test claims that were reported upon in the past two days, according to the New York Daily News on Friday.

Brandon Howard
New York Daily News

The change in the story about who fathered singer Brandon Howard came from a source that is reportedly close to the Jackson family. That change in the story asserts that Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, is actually the father of Howard.

For decades, it has been rumored that Howard was the child that Michael Jackson referred to in his hit song “Billie Jean” off the “Thriller” album. It is believed that Howard was born in 1981 – though he doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove it - while the song came out in 1982. The bottom line-message of Michael Jackson’s mysterious song – written by Jackson - is “The kid is not my son.”

But wait, there’s more. Augie Johnson, 65, who was a backup singer on Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album – the 1979 forerunner to the “Thriller” album – claims that he’s Howard’s father.

One thing that is known for sure is that Howard’s mother is Miki Howard, 53. She was represented by Joe Jackson in the 1980s as a singer. She also was in the Janet Jackson film “Poetic Justice.”

Brandon has reportedly given up his DNA, and the mystery will hopefully be solved - as people, especially those who remember the song "Billie Jean" - are curious to know who his daddy really is. You would think Miki Howard could give us a clue, or at least one would hope she knows the answer.

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