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Brandon Goode ID'd in Fla. cop fatal shooting after committing suicide

Update: Brandon Goode and girlfriend Alexandria Hollinghurst are identified as suspects in Saturday's murder of a Florida cop. Officer Robert German was shot and killed by teenagers in the suburban neighborhood. However, their bodies were discovered near the scene of the fatal shooting. Orange County officials say the teens were victims of a double-suicide, citing a March 24 NewsMax report.

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

Although suicide notes were found long before the officer's death, which leads investigators to believe the deaths were acts of premeditation, some news sources suggest Brandon Goode killed the officer and his girlfriend.

What precipitated the shooting of the officer is unclear, but the events began early Saturday morning when German, 31, was on foot patrol in the Orlando suburb investigating automobile burglaries, according to the Orlando Sentinel .

At some point, he called the police dispatcher and requested backup when he came upon Goode and Hollinghurst walking and looking "suspicious." However, when other officers arrived, they found their comrade down with a gunshot wound to the head. He was rushed to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, the lifeless bodies of the two teenagers were found in brush a block away. They were both dead from gunshot wounds and one weapon was recovered on the scene. Apparently, two suicide notes were found in an earlier missing persons investigation, which helped link the bodies to the shooting of the Florida cop.

New developments show that Brandon and Alexandria were encountered by police in the parking lot of a Kissimmee Walgreens on Friday morning as they sat in an SUV. However, they sped off and eluded officers, who were already tipped off about their "endangered status" from the discovery of suicide notes.

Later, the SUV was found abandoned and officers are trying to learn how the pair made it to the Windermere neighborhood, some 20 miles away.

Records indicate the teens, who were romantically involved, had run-ins with law enforcement in the past. At 16, Goode was accused of painting his face black, draping the windows of his home with garbage bags, and threatening his mother with an ax, allegedly over a divorce settlement with his father.

The teens were arrested recently for possession of drugs and alcohol.

Brandon Goode and his girlfriend were described as "normal" and good kids. Undoubtedly, many want to know what led the teens down the perilous road.

German, a five-year veteran of the police force, served his community well. Sadly, with his death, he became the first officer killed in the line of duty in the agency’s history.


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