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Brandon Goode, Alexandria Hollinghurst: Suburban teens shot, killed Fla. cop

Brandon Goode, 18, and Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, have been identified as the two young people who are thought responsible for gunning down 31-year-old police officer Robert German early Saturday morning. After allegedly slaying the officer, Goode and his girlfriend turned the guns on themselves in an act of suicide.
Brandon Goode, Alexandria Hollinghurst: Young teen cop-killers.

According to the Epoch Times on Monday, the young teen couple from a wealthy Orlando suburban neighborhood are not your typical suspects in such a brutal killing / suicide.

“Goode had previously threatened his mother with an ax when he was 16, according to police records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. When his mother walked into the house, Goode pinned her between a table and a wall and demanded that she accept his father’s divorce settlement with the ax resting on his shoulder,” writes the Epoch Times.

The Sentinel said the ax incident occurred in 2012. Goode, 16 at the time, had painted his face black and covered the windows of the home with newspaper and garbage bags.

German was on a foot patrol through the neighborhood when he encountered the teens at approximately 3:00 a.m. Saturday. Hollinghurst had reportedly been kicked out of her home because of her relationship with Goode. It’s unknown why German was shot down; police said suicide notes were found at the scene and one weapon was recovered.

A police spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office said: “The OSCO has been given suicide notes written by both individuals. The contents of those notes will not be revealed at this time, as the investigation is active and open.”

Last month, the pair was arrested after they were stopped driving and charged with alcohol and marijuana possession. As juveniles, they were sentenced to probation. Goode had agreed to enter a pretrial drug program in order to have the charges reduced.

“Alex had moved into Brandon's home because her parents threw her out,” said a high-school friend of the couple. “They did not like Brandon because he was involved in drugs and made no secret that he liked to smoke weed.”

Neighbors of Brandon, who lived with his divorced mother Connie Goode, confirmed they often the tow together.

“She was here all the time, and a cute girl,” said neighbor George Koop. “They would go out together in his car, often coming back late at night.”

The Daily Mail picks up the story:

The discovery of the notes has led to speculation that the pair had been considering “suicide by cop” and set out to provoke the officer into opening fire on them. It is not known why they shot German before he had a chance to use his service revolver… German had called for back-up telling his radio dispatchers to say he was stopping the pair for suspicious activity. But when a patrol car arrived they found German shot in the head.

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